Sunday, February 04, 2007

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Gangsters, a Moll, and the 'G'-man

A Very British Organised Crime Syndicate

SCOTLAND YARD detectives who are investigating the cash for honours scandal have uncovered a private meeting held last summer at which key Downing Street aides allegedly plotted a cover-up.

The meeting was attended by four of Tony Blair’s closest aides, including Jonathan Powell, his chief of staff, Lord Levy, Labour’s chief fundraiser, John McTernan, director of political operations, and Ruth Turner, a senior adviser. (Sunday Times)

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THREE businessmen who secretly loaned Labour millions of pounds have links to the Smith Insititute, which is being investigated over its ties to Gordon Brown.

Rod Aldridge, former head of Capita, a government contractor, Sir Christopher Evans, the biotech tycoon, and Lord Sainsbury, the former science minister, all attended Smith Institute functions where they were lauded by the chancellor.


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