Monday, January 15, 2007

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Socialist Responsibilities

I never thought I would get here, but hey, I am a gadfly looking for fruitcake. Today I made the decision not to renew my conservative Party Membership.

As an EU withdrawalist, libertarian, with the courage of my conviction, who do I vote for now?

Not Tory with Cameron in charge.

Battersea (Lab hold) Majority: 163UKIP: 333
Burton (Lab hold) Majority: 1,421UKIP plus Veritas: 1,825
Carshalton & Wallington (LD hold) Majority: 1,068UKIP: 1,111
Cornwall North (LD hold) Majority: 3,076UKIP plus Veritas: 3,387
Dartford (Lab hold) Majority 706 - UKIP: 1,407
Eastleigh (LD Hold) Chris Huhne Majority: 568UKIP: 1,669
Gillingham (Lab hold) Majority 254UKIP 1,191
Hereford (Lab hold) Majority: 962UKIP: 1,030
High Peak (Lab hold) Majority: 735UKIP 1,106
Hove (Lab hold) Majority 420 - UKIP 575
Medway (Lab hold) Majority: 213 - UKIP 1,488
Portsmouth North (Lab hold) Majority: 1,139 - UKIP 1,348
Romsey (LD hold) Majority 125UKIP: 1,076
Sittingbourne & Sheppey (Lab hold) Majority: 79 UKIP plus Veritas: 1,118
Solihull (LD Gain) Majority: 279UKIP: 990
Somerton & Frome (LD hold) Majority: 812UKIP plus Veritas: 1,531
Staffordshire Moorlands (Lab hold) Majority: 2,438UKIP: 3,512
Stroud (Lab hold) Majority: 350UKIP: 1,089
Stourbridge (Lab hold) Majority: 407UKIP: 1,087
Taunton (LD gain) Majority: 573UKIP: 1,441
Thanet South (Lab hold) Majority: 664UKIP (Nigel Farage) 2,079
Torbay (LD hold) Majority: 2,029 - UKIP 3,726
Warwick & Leamington (Lab hold) Majority: 306UKIP: 921
Watford (Lab hold) Majority: 1,148UKIP: 1,292
Westmorland & Lonsdale (LD gain) Majority: 267UKIP: 660



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