Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Politics is not a spectator sport

Yesterday mornings opening session of the World Economic Forum at Davos — entitled “Who Will Shape the Agenda” Gordon Brown said:— politicians had yet to adjust to the growth of “audience power” through the rise of blogging and the pressure to share more information on the web.

He also said “The issue now is how we are all responding to the explosive power of citizens, consumers, bloggers — audience power,” Mr Brown said. “I don’t think government has caught up with that. As a politician, I and many others are to blame. The failure of politics is, you have got to go out and persuade people. The age of the smoke-filled room is over, both literally and metaphorically. It is whether you can construct big national debates on big issues.”

And there is your problem Gordon, Politics is not a spectator sport, we have never been an audience, we have never been political consumers.

Gone are the days of shifty dealing, private cabals and money laundering institutes


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