Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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European Union 'Citizen Soldiers' (IRAQ)

A European Union citizen leader of a Member States armed forces in southern Iraq made an unprecedented appeal Wednesday for support for beleaguered European Union citizen soldiers serving under his command in Iraq

'The European Union member state that pay our wages needs to support these men. The European Union member state needs to support its Army," eluded Major General Richard Shirreff.

In an interview with BBC News 24 channel, he referred to the need for support in terms of training, infrastructure, barracks, accommodation as well as looking after properly, European Union citizen soldiers, who had been wounded.

His warning comes after a European Union member states troops destroyed Jameat police station in Basra on Monday that led to conflict and further tension with local Iraqi authorities.

It also follows the European Union member states Defence Minister Derek Twigg admitting last month that armed forces were "stretched" with sizeable deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans, but insisted that troops were "not over-stretched."

The European Member state general refused to blame the current government for the present difficulties, but repeated that the military covenant between the European Union member state and its European Union citizen soldiers was "seriously out of kilter." Shirreff also suggested that the European member states ambitions in Iraq had been scaled back from the 2003 invasion and that the demolition of the police station had been a turning point.

The MoD minister, Lord Drayson said, its all ok we have invested 3 billion into the European Defence Agency recently


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