Monday, January 30, 2006

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The sound of New Europe

Mrs Vike-Frieberga, lets rip on Old Europe.

While the Euro Elite's were being serenaded by Mozart in Austria this weekend, the president of Latvia was invited to sing a Song for Europe.

"What is it that Old Europe is worried about, with respect to New Europe? That we are friendly with America? All that we have asked is to be part of Nato, and part of the security umbrella that Europe has enjoyed for half a century."

"I am amazed by the speed with which Europe has forgotten that it was rescued during World War Two when the Americans entered the fight. The contribution of the trans-Atlantic link to European security is something that Europeans have long taken for granted…………."By the way I'd like to remind people here that when you see row upon row of white crosses in the fields of Flanders and North of France, those are also Canadians, thousands of Canadian soldiers who died for the freedom of Europe, for the freedom of the Netherlands, of France, and of Italy.

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