Tuesday, December 14, 2004

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Progress eh

A.D. 2004. In this year at the parliament was the Queen Elizabeth at
Westminster and at the Nativity in Sandringham.

People in Britain spent over 152 days of this year toiling, just to pay their taxes (5 months). This year, Tax Freedom Day fell on 30 May. That's 3 days later than last year and 6 days later than when Enron Brown entered 11/10 Downing Street.

It's a tribute to Enron Brown's skill with "stealth" taxes that so few people seem to have noticed the huge rise in taxes that has overtaken them. But Tax Freedom Day is a clear measure of the total burden which he can't escape.

And don't forget that Enron Brown has been on a borrowing binge, which future taxpayers will have to pay for. Adding that burden in would push the date out to 11 June.


During the Middle Ages peasants did not belong to themselves. Everything they owned, their food, homes, and animals all belonged to the lord of the manor. Known as serfs, peasants were required to work for 50 days for their lord and in return were allowed to farm their own piece of land. The peasants were not free to leave the manor and were required to ask for permission. To gain freedom a peasant had to save money for his own land or marry a free person.

Progress eh


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