Monday, November 23, 2009

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The Global Warming scare has always been a scheme by which unprincipled scientists have been able to scam major research funding from governments and institutions, and thus stay employed.

They have been aided and abetted by left-wing politicians, the European Union and journalists who knew that supporting the Global Warming doomsday theory was a way to look caring and politically correct while advancing the only potent anti-capitalist agenda left after the fall of Communism.

Scientists who push findings supporting a man-made global warming get their grants and stay gainfully employed, while giving their benefactors, left-wing lawmakers the European Union and big media, the alleged "scientific" basis for stories and laws that bash capitalism. And just as during the Cold War, we have misinformed fellow travellers, including the Conservatives, who repeat the climate change mantra on cue for the microphones.

Well, hey. the scientists manipulated the data in order to make the case that human activities were causing global warming.

Here are all the emails, in searchable form. Enjoy!


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