Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Wintry blasts from the warmists

So writes Christopher Booker in todays Sunday Telegraph

For ill-tempered venom it is hard to equal the believers in man-made global warming. Not for some time has anything I have written drawn so much personal abuse as my report last week of a graph on the Cryosphere Today website showing that, after its record drop last summer to 4 million square kilometres, ice cover in the Arctic has now recovered to 13 million sq km, almost where it was this time last year.

The point made by those who called me "monumentally stupid" (courtesy of The Guardian's political correspondent, Michael White) or accused me of "utter drivel" was that what should alarm us is not winter ice-cover but the fact - which I did mention - that it dropped to its lowest recorded level last summer.

Once all these climate experts have recovered from their fit of self-righteousness, perhaps they could explain why, at the same time that Arctic ice is diminishing, ice in the Antarctic has increased to easily its highest level ever recorded at this time of year, currently 30 per cent above normal.

After all, it is not winter in the Antarctic, it is summer. And isn't the point about this warming we are all supposed to be panicking about is that it is meant to be global?

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