Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Kosovo 21st century Sudetenland

"in principle" Kosovo is a province of Serbia (De jure), "in practice", the United Nations has exercised De facto control since 1999.

If the province of Kosovo declare unilateral independence on Sunday, then surely the United Nations must adopt the same principles which applied to the UDI of Rhodesia in 1965

United Nations Security Council Resolution 217, adopted on November 20, 1965, determined that the situation resulting from the UDI was extremely grave and that the Government of the United Kingdom should put an end to it as it constitutes a threat to international peace and security. The Council also called upon nations not to recognise what it deemed "this illegal authority" or entertain diplomatic relations with it. It also asked all states to refrain from economic relations with Rhodesia.

No, what we get is hypocrisy

With Kosovo likely to declare independence on Sunday, The European Union's Emperor Jose Manuel Barroso said he hoped for unity within the 27-member states. The EU needs to act "in a coherent manner," The EU is to send a 2,200 strong police and justice mission to Kosovo to ensure the rule of law.

So who's Law will that be then?


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