Friday, October 31, 2008

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Treat or Trick

Gordon Brown has accused the SNP of making the "wrong decisions" for Scotland.

The Prime Minister spoke out as he went tricking and treating in Glenrothes

Any way I have just painted my wellies silver so I can put them outside the front door tonight. When the local Halloween beggars come around they will think twice about knocking as they may just think Garry Glitter lives here
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Nationalise the Tooth Fairy

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Gordon Brown miscalculated the number of students eligible for grants. He was forced to renege on some funding commitments after admitting he had underestimated the number of people entitled to a full student maintenance grant this year by almost 10 per cent.

The reforms were brought in during the first days of Gordon Brown’s premiership they were designed to attract more working-class students into higher education and one third of students were expected to be eligible for the full grant.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Bank Aid

Well, it seems that my question yesterday about the IMF has been answered.

Gordon Brown has called on the oil-rich Gulf states to bolster the International Monetary Fund as more countries seek help.

He said the IMF needs "substantially" more than the current $250 billion set aside for struggling nations. The IMF's executive board is expected soon to consider ways to streamline its emergency loan programs as it braces for a flood of loan petitions.

Crash Gordon said he will travel to the Gulf region to raise the cash on Saturday (AFP)
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Golden Shower

As share prices start to recover this morning, Alistair Darling faces a clear dilemma tomorrow. When he uses the annual Mais lecture to finally piss on Gordon Brown’s Golden Rule, which governs borrowing. The chancellor must prevent the change from further undermining confidence in the UK’s economy.

Darling is expected to set out his rationale for the change, leaving the details of the new borrowing regime for the pre-Budget report. The chancellor will argue that the government needs greater freedom to borrow in the short term to cope with the coming recession.

Now read what Dizzy Thinks

Monday, October 27, 2008

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What happens when the IMF runs out of money?

With most governments in the world strapped for cash due to bailing out the banks. What will happen when the IMF runs out of money?

The IMF Total quotas at end-August 2008 were SDR 217.4 billion (about $341 billion).

That will only bail out 21 countries = to that required by Ukrain

Don't look here for the answer, like Gordon Brown I haven't got a clue.

However, you will not get your hands on my turnips. I am now in the market for a MAC-10

Funny Money Funny Money Funny Money

Sunday, October 26, 2008

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European Union Army

John Hutton has become the first defence secretary to back a French plan for a European Union army, branding those who dismiss it as “pathetic”.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times, he said: “I think we’ve got to be pragmatic about those things. Where it can help, we should be part of it.”

(click on image)

The question for any country silly enough to count on the French should not be "Can we count on the French?" but, rather, "How long until France collapses?"

Lessons from History:

1. Gallic Wars – Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2,000 years of French history, France is conquered by, of all things, an Italian.

2. Hundred Years War – Mostly lost, saved at last by a female schizophrenic who inadvertently creates The First Rule of French Warfare: "France's armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman."

3. Italian Wars – Lost. France becomes the first and only country to ever lose two wars when fighting Italians. Wars of Religion – France goes 0-5-4 against the Huguenots

4. Thirty Years War – France is technically not a participant, but manages to get invaded anyway. Claims a tie on the basis that eventually the other participants started ignoring her.

5. War of Devolution – Tied. Frenchmen take to wearing red flowerpots as chapeaux.

6. The Dutch War – Tied.

7. War of the Augsburg League / King William's War / French and Indian War. Three ties in a row induces deluded Francophiles the world over to label the period as the height of French military power.

8. War of the Spanish Succession – Lost. The war also gave the French their first taste of a Marlborough, which they have loved every since.

9. American RevolutionIn a move that will become quite familiar to future Americans, France claims a win even though the English colonists saw far more action. This is later known as "de Gaulle Syndrome," and leads to the Second Rule of French Warfare: "France only wins when America does most of the fighting."

10. French Revolution – Won, primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French.

11. The Napoleonic Wars – Lost. Temporary victories (remember the Second Lesson!) due to leadership of a Corsican, who ended up being no match for a British footwear designer.

12. The Franco-Prussian War – Lost. Germany first plays the role of drunk fat boy to France's ugly girl home alone on a Saturday night.

13. World War I – Tied and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women find out what it's like to not only sleep with a winner, but one who doesn't call her "Fraulein." Sadly, widespread use of condoms by American forces forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline.

14. World War II – Lost. Conquered French liberated by the United States and Britain just as they finish learning the Horst Wessel song.

15. War in Indochina – Lost. French forces plead sickness, take to bed with the Dien Bien Flu.

16. Algerian Rebellion – Lost. Loss marks the first defeat of a Western army by a Non-Turkic Muslim force since the Crusades, and produces the First Rule of Muslim Warfare: "We can always beat the French." This rule is identical to the First Rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese and Esquimaux.

17.War on TerrorismFrance, keeping in mind its recent history, surrenders to Germans and Muslims just to be safe. Attempts to surrender to Vietnamese ambassador fail after he takes refuge in a McDonald's.

So what is Hutton thinking about.......well,remember that second lesson Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian immigrant father, Pál Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Mandelson to set up bogus group

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson met chief executives of leading banks at the Treasury today and has now announced the creation of a forum for small businesses to address the problem of curbs on lending Independent

Any gullible small businessman sucked into the trappings of 1997 new labour focus group tactics deserves all that he wont get.

If you were a bank manager and understood the real situation, would you lend you business money

There is fuck all the government can do.

Get over it.
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Blue Planet (Not Green)

Ex Spanish Prime Minister, José María Aznar, has hit out at those ‘standard-bearers of the apocalypse’ who continue to warn about climate change. Typically Spanish

Aznar said that climate change is not a real phenomenon, but only a ‘scientifically questionable’ theory which had become the new religion, the followers of which were the ‘enemies of freedom’.

He made the charge at the presentation in Madrid yesterday of a book in Spanish ‘Blue Planet (Not Green)’ written by the President of the Czech Republic, Vackla Klaus

Also read what Václav Klaus had to say when Introducing the Polish Version of Blue, not Green Planet

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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No Sympathy

People in Britain have racked up so much debt on loans and credit cards that the total now borrowed exceeds the entire value of the economy, (GDP) now stands at around £1.8 trillion, which is less than the £2 trillion which is outstanding on mortgages, credit cards and personal loans.

That means 60 million people owe more to the banks than the value of everything made by every office and factory in the country

You are now going to pay for it.

I have no sympathy you want more of the same.........you know who to vote for.

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Who do Voodoo

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has demanded that 20,000 Voodoo doll kits be taken from stores stating that he has "exclusive and absolute rights" over his own image. (bbc )

Believe me he hasn't

Publishers K&B who sell the dolls have so far refused to pull the doll from shops ... and are currently sticking as many needles in the Sarko dolls as is humanly possible.

Voodoo Knife Block anyone

coming soon....(tory) special Mandelson edition

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Tom Conti and the Lord Lucas launch the Motorists Legal Challenge Fund

… Britain’s motorists encouraged to join the fight. ... the Court case that could lead to £millions of parking tickets being cancelled.

Movie star Tom Conti, and Lord Lucas of Dingwall and Crudwell are leading the charge to raise a fighting fund initially for a court challenge to parking tickets and to then include legal challenges on other matters affecting Britain’s motorists.

They are patrons of the newly formed Motorists Legal Challenge Fund which has been set up to fight the corner of Britain’s beleaguered motorists and will be formally launched tomorrow.

Anyone wishing to find out more can visit www.motoristslegalchallenge.co.uk


Contacts:- Simon Aldridge Mob. 07973781655, Jim Douglas Mob.07785918411, Neil HerronMob. 07776 202045.
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Scottish MPs – what do they actually do?

Monday, October 20, 2008

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Institutional Poverty

9 out of 10 families with children are entitled to tax credits. But you don't need to have children to qualify.

Institutional Poverty
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Pants on Fire

Gordon Brown today defended the level of Britain's national debt – claiming it is "considerably lower" than a decade ago.

The prime minister told MPs that it was because the government had repaid so much of its debt in previous years that it was able to borrow more now.

At the end of August 2008, UK National debt was £637.4 billion. (or 43% of National GDP) - Source: Office National Statistics

National Debt has increased sharply in the past 12 months because of:

Slowing Economy (lower tax receipts, higher spending on unemployment benefits)

Financial bailout of Northern Rock and other banks.

However, it can be argued that UK’s national debt is actually a lot higher. This is because national debt should include pension contributions which the government are obliged to pay.

The Centre for Policy Studies argues that the real national debt is actually £1,340 billion, which is 103.5 per cent of GDP. This figure includes all the public sector pension liabilities such as pensions, Private Finance Initiative contracts e.t.c (Northern Rock liabilities).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Let's build autobahns

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling has said in an interview published today "Britain will boost public spending to help pull the economy through a looming recession" .

"This is a time when you have to support the economy," Darling said

The government would also press ahead with plans for two new aircraft carriers and a new nuclear deterrent programme, he added.

Other key investments include London's 2012 Olympic Games, for which the budget is 9.3 billion pounds and Crossrail -- a new 16-billion-pound railway line across the capital.

"What I want to avoid is getting ourselves in a position governments have done in the past where you face an immediate problem and cut back on the things the country will need in the future," Darling added.

Oh may Darling, oh my Darling your sort of National Socialism has been here before they did that in the 1930's.

The National Socialists seizure of power in 1933 Germany was followed by the introduction of an extensive ‘package’ of government policies to expand demand and increase investment in order to pull the economy through a looming recession. These policies were not Keynesian, but hey... Germany got Pocket Battle ships, Railroads, Motorways and even an Olympic Games.

Friday, October 17, 2008

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"absolutely scandalous"

Gordon Brown said it was "absolutely scandalous" that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is planning a meeting to consider cutting oil production

Gordon wants to create the illusion that he is the one who has brought the price of petrol down so he can TAX it come the next budget.
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Let me make it crystal clear

Gordon Brown "cannot hide" from his responsibility for Britain's economic woes said David Cameron today

He also said "As we look at the wreckage of our economy after ten years of irresponsible Government, it's clear that if we're going to make the most of those resources we need change - not more of the same,"

Yeh Yeh Yeh

And what you gone a do about it Mr Cameron, pull out of the European Union?

The regulation of financial services is an exclusive European Union competence – it comes under the Single Market provisions and is touched by other aspects of the treaties, such as the "freedom of movement of capital" and "right of establishment".

Not only is this an exclusive competence, it is also what is known as an "occupied field", an area in which the European Union has chosen to legislate.

This means that member states have very limited powers. They may not legislate in areas which are already covered by EU law and which will interfere with or in any way contradict EU law. And EU law, as you well know, is supreme and cannot be changed unilaterally.

As a general rule, the member states may only legislate in this field in order to implement EU law, to clarify it or to ensure its proper enforcement.

A member state may, however, go further than EU law, but only if it does not contradict EU law and does not impinge upon treaty provisions, such as "freedom of movement of capital", and then only with the express permission of the EU commission.

Hat tip Eureferendum

Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Franco' general; niño de amor de s

" You' el re no ir a pararnos. We' el ll continúa [con Lisboa]. Hay maneras de hacerlo. Ésta es la historia del EU."

According to the Irish Times A Spanish MEP has threatened Brian Cowen the Irish Prime Minister over the Lisbon treaty.

One of the colleagues of our Conservative party EPP grouping in the EU, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (pictured) has said to the Irish "You're not going to stop us. We'll go ahead [with Lisbon]. There are ways to do it. This is the history of the EU." (history of 1930's Spain too)

De Vigo was soon demanding Cowen's resignation: "To me it is shocking that a government that held a referendum and failed is still in office. A government that puts a question to a referendum and loses has to resign: that's democracy."

(That will be Spanish 1930’s democracy then)

And what if Ireland voted No again in 2009? What then of the Lisbon Treaty, the paper asked de Vigo.

"What then of Ireland?" he responded.

Now come on you have to admit there is a striking resemblance. He could be general Franco's love child

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Who Parked in Iceland

Kent County Council £50 million Conservative
Nottingham City Council £42 million Labour
Norfolk County Council £32.5 million Conservative
Dorset County Council £28.1 million Conservative
Hertfordshire £28 million Conservative
Barnet Council £27 million Conservative
Somerset County Council £25 million Liberal Democrat
Northumberland County Council £23 million Labour
Surrey County Council £20 million Conservative
Hillingdon Council £20 million Conservative
Neath Port Talbot Council £20 million Labour
Westminster Council £17 million Conservative
Brent £15 million Liberal Democrat/Conservative
Caerphilly County Council £15 million. NOC
North Ayrshire £15 million FOI request
Plymouth City Council £13 million Conservative
Havering Council £12.5 million Conservative
South Hams £12.5 million Conservative
West Sussex £12.9 million Conservative
Breckland Council £12 million Conservative
Gloucestershire County Council £12 million Conservative
Cheltenham Borough Council £11 million NOC
Lancashire County Council £10 million Labour
Scottish Borders Council £10m ???
Cambridge City Council £9 million Liberal Democrat
Wakefield £9 million Labour
West Oxfordshire DistrictCouncil£9 million Conservative
Wyre Forest District Council £9 million Conservative
Cheshire County Council £8.5 million NOC
Bassetlaw District Council £8 million Conservative
Bristol City Council £8 million NOC
Daventry District Council £8 million Conservative
Wiltshire County Council £8 million Conservative
South Lanarkshire Council £7.5 million Scottish Labour
Derwentside District Council £7 million Labour
North East Lincolnshire Council £7 million NOC
West Lindsey District Council £7 million Conservative
Cherwell District Council £6.5 million Conservative
Redcar and Cleveland Council £6 million NOC
Lancaster City Council £6 million NOC
Canterbury City Council £6 million Conservative
Ceredigion £5.5 million Plaid Cymru
North Lincolnshire Council £5.5 million Labour
Sutton Council £5.5 million Liberal Democrat
Bracknell Forest £5 million Conservative
Bromley Borough Council £5 million Conservative
Buckinghamshire County Council £5 million Conservative
Stoke on Trent £5 million NOC
Braintree District £5 million Conservative
Cornwall County Council £5 million Liberal Democrat
Exeter City Council £5 million NOC
Ipswich Borough Council £5 million NOC
Oxfordshire County Council £5 million Conservative
South Ayrshire £5 million Scottish Conservative
South Ribble £5 million Conservative
Wokingham Borough Council £5 million Conservative
Gateshead Council £4.5 million Labour
Oxford City Council £4.5 million NOC
Colchester Borough Council £4 million NOC
East Lindsey District Council £4 million NOC
East Staffordshire Council £4 million Conservative
North Wiltshire DC £4 million Conservative
Powys Council £4 million Independent
Restormel Borough Council £4 million NOC
Rotherham Council £3.8 million Labour
Flintshire Council £3.7 million NOC
Aylesbury District Council £3 million Conservative
East Ayrshire £3 million NOC
North Somerset £3 million Conservative
Doncaster Council £3 million NOC
Nuneaton and Bedworth £3 million Conservative
Peterborough City Council £3 million Conservative
Rhondda Cynon Taff Council £3 million Labour
Solihull Council £3 million Conservative
Stroud £3 million Conservative
Slough Council £2.5 million Labour
South Oxfordshire DC £2.5 million Conservative
Wycombe District Council £2.5 million Conservative
Cotswold District Council £2 million Conservative
Gloucester City Council £2 million NOC
Great Yarmouth £2 million Conservative
Moray Council £2 million ???
Newark and Sherwood DC £2 million Conservative
South Ham District Council £1.25 million Conservative
Monmouthshire Council £1.2 million Conservative
Mid Devon £1.1 million NOC
Charnwood Borough Council £1 million Conservative
Dover District Council £1 million Conservative
Bridgend Council £1 million NOC
Bridgenorth £1 million NOC
Hertsmere Borough Council £1 million Conservative
Kirklees Council £1 million NOC
Perth and Kinross Council £1 million SNP
Tewkesbury Council £1 million NOC
Vale of White Horse DC £1 million Liberal Democrat
Winchester £1 million Conservative
Sevenoaks District Council £1 million Conservative
Tonbridge and Malling BC £1 million Conservative
Lewes District Council £1 million Liberal Democrat
Burnley Council TBC Liberal Democrat
Chorley Council TBC Conservative
Wychavon District Council TBC Conservative

Hat tip Looking for a voice
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Crash Gordon

The Scottish National party leader Alex Salmond has challenged Gordon Brown to a face-to-face debate about the economy after the prime minister confirmed ("subject to the global financial situation") that he plans to campaign in the Glenrothes byelection.

Meanwhile, Unemployment is up to 1.79 million and the FTSE 100 has shed over 7% of its value today as investors remained nervous that government action would not prevent a prolonged economic downturn.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Prince’s Trust

How much has Charlie's trust got tied up in the Icelandic banks

Remember the cash for honours scandal !

If so, check out if your local council works with or has ever worked with a company who has or has had an individual named Rod Aldridge as an executive.

If so, then check if they have money tied up in the Iceland bank freeze

I mean, what do I know?

I have no honour(s)
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Inflation 16 year high

In September inflation increased from 4.7% to 5.2% its fastest growth rate in 11 years and puts it at a 16 year high.

But economists believe Tuesday's report marks the highest inflation will go and that it will return to the target level by the end of 2009.

That will be the same economists that predicted the credit crunch and the collapse of the banking system then!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

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Sarkozy publie le 21ème siècle Assignat

Google it
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21st Century ASSIGNATs

Today's injection of capital to the banks is the 21st Century equivalence to Assignats

Google it

We are now on the road to hyperinflation

Sunday, October 12, 2008

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Self Assessment


Completing a tax return can be a stressful exercise even if there are only a few entries to make. With the filing deadline soon approaching the stress levels will rise even further!

By giving you a fixed, competitive price and, provided that you can supply the information within a reasonable time scale, I can take the worry away when it comes to self assessment tax returns

Contact anoneumouse@aol.com
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Going Down.....under

Unlike the pretend guarantees offered to bank savers in EU countries like Germany, Greece and Ireland.

Today Australia with New Zealand have announced a moved to combat the global financial crisis by offering a GENUINE blanket bank deposit guarantee.

Take note Fritz, Stavros and Murphy there is No European Union interference here.

If Australia and New Zealand, being sovereign nations, say they can guarantee all deposits with banks for the next three years, ........................then they can.

Tie my lumpy money down sport, tie my lumpy money down
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Ti, tic, tick, tick, ticking

Have you ever thought about taking out an insurance policy on your neighbours house?

Think about it? You don't own your neighbours property or pay for its upkeep but if your neighbours house burns down you collect on its full value.

Not difficult to understand is it. Apart from setting up a situation for potential fraud. It's morally wrong. Well, that is what has been happening in the financial markets.

Credit default swaps (CDS) are the cornerstone of the credit derivatives market accounting for more than 98 percent of all credit derivatives. They are difficult to understand, ignored by regulators and poorly reported on balance sheets. In simplest terms, CDS are insurance policies on things like bonds, loans and corporate debt. But there are two big differences: the seller of a CDS doesn't need to have the money to cover losses if the security defaults, and the buyer doesn't need to own the asset it wants to protect.

This is the time bomb which will explode in the financial sector this comming week.

Grab your tin helmet.

Friday, October 10, 2008

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Today's Market Appraisal

In the last 24 hours Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches.

Yesterday, it was announced that Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will likely go for a song, while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived.

Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black.

Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.

Oh and the FTSE closed at 3932.06 (down 381.74 on the day)

Time to take some of the lumpy money from under the mattress and buy some mining shares.

Bottom line.....less lumps a more comfortable sleep
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Neelie the Euphant

A high-level conference will take place in Brussels on Monday, it will be hosted by European Union Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes

She intends to point out the benefits to consumers the EU's competition policy and also comment on recent problems caused by Germany and Ireland in the financial markets.

Well whoopie doo

For all the good it will do she will be better off just packing her trunk.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

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On the 1st of May 1997 the FTSE 100 closed at 4,445.00

Tonight after 11+ years of New Labour the FTSE index closed at 4,313.80
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should giving to 'bank aid' be voluntary?

The wholesale bailing out of the banks was not in any political parties manifesto. It also contravenes EU competition laws.

90% of the people I have talked to, have said they disagree with what the government have done.

Why the hell should we turn out at elections if the bastards are just going to ride roughshod over our views.

THE government is to invest £50bn of your money in British banks so the banks can lend it back to you with interest.

Just asking

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

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Why are banks being given preference over other businesses when it comes to competition rules.

The range of businesses that the UK Treasury will hand over money to is fascinating. i.e. It is only the Banks

Why should Banks be favoured in this way when other businesses are abandoned, indeed often driven into insolvency, by the government for whom insolvency proceedings are a preferred method of tax enforcement?

There is a fundamental point at issue here.
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Revenge is sweet

Ever wonder what happened to your parking fines

The Local Government Association (LGA) have asked for an urgent meeting with Alistair Darling, after they realised that more than 20 councils had invested there ill gotten gains into Landsbanki the failed Iceland bank.
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'imaginary money'

A touch of Weimar, a whole new angle on Mark(s) to Market

"The Bank of England has been putting substantial sums into the market today and it is ready to do more when that is needed"

We are now on the road to hyperinflation

If we can learn anything from history, it is that a government cannot be trusted to manage money. When currency is not redeemable in gold, its value depends entirely on the judgment of politicians and unfortunately, that is now the situation we find ourselves in today.

Money is not wealth. It is only a measurement of wealth. A given amount of money, qualified by the value of money as expressed in its purchasing power, represents an account of wealth at a given point in time in an operating market. Given a fixed amount of wealth, the value of money is inversely proportional to the amount of money the asset commands: the higher the asset price in money terms, the less valuable the money. When debt pushes asset prices up, it in effect pushes the value of money down in terms of purchasing power. In an inflationary environment, when prices are kept high by excess liquidity, money wealth stored in the underlying asset actually shrinks. This is the reason why hyperinflation destroys paper money wealth.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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Cunning Plan

Alistair Darling has said he will make a statement about a government comprehensive rescue package before financial markets open in the morning.

It will include a proposal to inject capital into banks and to provide a standby facility to ensure UK banks have enough cash.

However, Anoneumouse knows that £50 billion of 'imaginary money' will not be enough to restore stability.
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The pound in your pocket

Last night Alistair Darling held a meeting with Banks bosses after another turbulent day for bank shares during which Royal Bank of Scotland was one of the biggest casualties on the stockmarket, dropping 20% amid uncertainty about the government's plans to prop up the banking sector.

Monday, October 06, 2008

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whizz bang

While Gordon Browns 'war council' met this morning, Stock markets around the world tumbled with the FTSE index of a hundred leading shares falling by more than three hundred points at one point to hit a four-year low.

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When the balloon goes up

Gordon Brown's Cobra-style economic committee meets for the first time today. The National Economic Council is part of the Prime Minister's "war footing" stance to tackle growing woes in the world markets.

The Treasury has drawn up detailed plans for the scheme, which would put taxpayers' money at risk.

When the balloon goes up is a phrase used to imply impending trouble. This relates to the use of observation balloons in the first World War. The sight of such a balloon going up nearly always resulted in a barrage of shells following soon after.

Time to shove what you have under the mattress.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

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Coup Two in the nest

Chris Bryant, MP for Rhondda, who played a key role in the 2006 conspiracy to oust Blair, has been rewarded with the job of deputy to Commons Leader Harriet Harman.

Bryant, who famously apologised in 2003 for emailing a picture of himself in his underpants via a gay website, ran Harman's campaign for the Labour deputy leadership last year.

Birmingham Erdington MP Sion Simon, who was also involved in the coup, was promoted to junior Minister at the Universities Department.

These two appointments demonstrate that Gordon Brown has really reached the bottom of the barrel.

Or is there hope for Eric Martlew?

Friday, October 03, 2008

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"short, sharp shock"

Gordon Brown rejected calls for a widespread cull, believing there is no longer a threat to his authority.

None of the most senior posts were changed - Chancellor Alistair Darling, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith all remaining in their posts.
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How will Mandelson be accountable to Parliament?

He has not been elected to the House of Commons and he is neither a member of the House of Lords (YET?)

Geoff Hoon succeeds Ruth Kelly as transport secretary

Nick Brown returning to the post of chief whip

Margaret Beckett returns as housing minister

Thursday, October 02, 2008

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Have I got news for you

Sir Ian Blair announced his resignation as Metropolitan Police Commissioner this afternoon, saying that he could no longer head Scotland Yard because he did not have the confidence of London's Mayor, Boris Johnson.

In a televised statement, Sir Ian said he had decided to resign after a meeting yesterday at which Mr Johnson "made clear in a very pleasant but determined way" that Ping Pong is comming home .
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Bunker Games

News from the Downing Street Bunker is that Gordon Brown will carry out a limited reshuffle of his government in the next few days.

Meanwhile its back to pinning a donkey on the tail.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Feel free to copy, there is no copyright on an anoneumouse montage.

How do you know an elephant's been in your refrigerator?

Feel free to copy, there is no copyright on an anoneumouse montage.

a man with a plan

In what is being described a boring speech, David Cameron has presented himself as the "man with a plan" to rebuild Britain's battered economy and repair its "broken society".

In his crucial keynote speech on the final day of the Conservative conference David Cameron insisted that Britain needs "judgment and character", not experience, from its leader in difficult economic times.

"The risk is not in making a change," he said. "The risk is sticking with what you've got and expecting a different result...

Yeah like sticking with Green policies and expecting to get voted into power.
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